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Ancient Prayer Method
It was the summer of 2002, when a friend, Mireille Earle came to visit me excited about an ancient Hawaiian Prayer she had been shown. We spent the whole afternoon experimenting with this technique. That afternoon I had no idea how this visit was going to change my way of doing transformation work.

At that time I was working as a psychic tarot card reader, a transformation therapist and a teacher of metaphysics. As a transformation therapist I did past-life regressions, inner child transformation and energy releasing. I had a number of different tools in my tool box. As a metaphysical teacher, I offered many different workshops. I also taught an intensive journey wherein students developed a philosophy of life while developing their psychic and intuitive abilities.

Since 1984 I had been committed to transforming personal programs and/or blocks. Now this ancient prayer method using love and light would not 'let go' of me and I began to work more and more with it. When Mireille originally showed the technique, we used a pendulum to find out where blocks were held on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Then by saying the ancient prayer, the block was removed.

As the months went by, I kept on using the prayer technique, which used divine love and light as a transformer. I was already familiar using love and light in my transformation work. Also, years earlier I had studied an affirmative prayer method. I loved doing prayers as my psychic abilities would click in and I would psychically see what needed to be released. Now I was applying this ability to the ancient Hawaiian prayer. The old and the new were merging. The ancient prayer gave me specific words to say. As I coupled these words with my psychic vision and my knowledge of the different energy systems and how they worked I found the prayer method was working wonders.

As the months went by I created a worksheet and it expanded from the original four levels to seventeen different categories to check for blocks. Many of the categories had their own sub categories, which were also checked for blocks. My worksheet and pendulum became standard in transformation sessions. I eventually named this technique for what it does - Soul/Source Connection.

Through my past-life and inner child transformation work, I knew that decisions in this life are made when we experience an emotion/feeling. We reach back in our memories to the last time we experienced the feeling and we remake the original decision. This means when we are young, our memories take us to past lives and we remake the same decisions we made then. This is the reason past lives are important. These decisions and consequent blocks can be held in many different levels, systems, parts or aspects of self. It is by asking the pendulum where the blocks are held and then one by one releasing them with the ancient Hawaiian prayer that the program is totally released.

I found I was getting results for my clients. The technique could be applied to any of the many different blocks needing to be transformed to create what they wanted. The topics ranged but often it was creating a relationship, more money, or self-confidence. As time progressed I discovered I could do the releasing whether the person was present or not. This took away any limitations as to location. Distance did not make a difference. All I needed was their name, birthdate and what they wanted in their lives.

I found that for the process to be effective the client must know what they want. Therefore, before a releasing session begins I spend time just getting the client to know what it is they actually do want in their life. Everyone knows what they don't want. With this technique you need to know what you DO want. This is so the client's consciousness can work towards the desired result - their intent. If the consciousness is not involved then the subconscious will just recreate what it has always known - the old, what is not wanted any more. When you have conscious intent, then you are able to work with your thought processes to create what you do want without the encumbrance of the blocks.

Once I know what the client wants, I then take my pendulum and check to see where the blocks are held. My years of studying unseen energy systems had paid off. Suddenly my own journey of self discovery took on a whole different dimension. It was as though I had been led to understand how these systems worked so I could apply this prayer to clear them.

I was so grateful that my journey had taught me about energy systems that could be utilized in clearing blocks for people. Now instead of using this information in an individual past-life regression or inner child transformation session I was able to check if blocks were held on many of the unseen and little understood levels and pray them away.

It was after I was using the prayer method for sometime that I came to the realization that what I was actually doing was psychic surgery. This is what the ancient Hawaiians knew. They knew how to remove the decision and the consequent block totally through prayer.

What excited me most about this technique was that once my clients had their session with me they began to achieve what they wanted. As I know how important a person's consciousness is, when I have completed the releasing, I then lead the client through a conscious connection exercise with the love and light and discuss with them habits of thinking. Now that the blocks are cleared it is only their own mental habits, which can keep them from achieving what they want.

Soul/Source Connection has created many rewards for myself and my clients. Today I realize that if I had not undergone my personal journey that I would not have understood the potential of this ancient Hawaiian prayer releasing technique. I am blessed to know that my own journey has added much to the ancient way of releasing blocks. It is said that God works in mysterious ways. I'm 100% convinced of that. Love and Light is always there! You just need to connect with it.


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