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How Big is Your Aura?

Recently a friend phoned asked me to take a look at her six year old grandson, as he was having trouble in school. When I looked what I noticed was his aura was very large and he was picking up everyone's energy and not knowing how to process it, was acting out. My friend said she would teach him (in a fun way) how to bring his aura in plus also teaching him to know what is his feelings and what are others.

I often have clients and students who come who do not like being in crowds, and that is often a signal their aura is too big, plus the chakras are not working effectively. By being able to bring in their auras to a comfortable 18" - 3' and have chakras cleaned and aligned they are able to go anywhere they want.

When your aura is large, whoever is in the range of it, you will pick up their emotions/feelings. You could be in a grocery store and a person walk behind you (meaning you never even see them) and if they are upset, angry or sad, your aura will pick up and give you the feeling. This is often what happens when people have a 'quick mood change' and they don't know why.

People can create large auras for various reasons, but often it is because when they are a child their home environment is not the safest (for whatever reason) and they learned how to reach out with their auras to gage the mood of the room. They get into the habit of reading the mood or safety of the situation through their aura. They will not be aware of what they are doing, but have created a habit, thus growing their auras to be way too large. As they then proceed to grow up they begin not like being around too many people, often becoming housebound or not wanting to meet new people.

Once a person has learned how to bring in their aura, had their chakras cleared and aligned so they are all working together effectively, the person can once more walk in the general population just fine. Plus if they do pick up a feeling, they can determine if it is theirs or not.

How do you determine how big your aura is can be done a couple of ways. If you suspect you have a large aura, find a friend who is willing to help you. Go out outside in the yard or on the street, make a large distance between you. You face away from the person, and have them walk towards you slowly (and quietly) until you 'feel them'. When you feel them say Stop!. Then look around and see how far away from you they are. Then imagine a 360 circle around and you will see why when you are in a crowd you will not like it.

A second way, is using wire coat hangers. Have the person walking towards you (you can face them for this) hold the long end loosely in their hands with the hook extended out front. (They hold them just tight enough that they are not flopping around). They walk slowly towards you and then when the coat hanger comes into contact with your energy field they will automatically close. It’s fun, try it.

Now that you have determined the extension of your aura, it is time to begin to bring it in. The way I have found the easiest is to image a vacuum cleaner beneath your feet, and suck it down into the vacuum cleaner. This is something you will need to practice for as soon as you take your concentration away from sucking it in, it will go back to where it usually is. Plus you may feel vulnerable and uncertain. Therefore, the best way is to do it in stages, teaching the aura to remain closer, and closer. Eventually, it will be in a comfortable place for you to go anywhere easily.

Once you have the aura coming in you will begin to find more 'emotional' power. You will also need to 'clean' it. You can do this in the shower, by curving your fingers slightly and gently raking your aura, allowing the water as a symbol and your fingers to clean it. You will be surprised how 'dirty' the aura is in the beginning when you first begin, but soon the aura gets the awareness that it is to let go, and that it is not a dirt collector.

Have fun, check your own auras, your friends, your family auras and find out who really does have a large one, and who does not.

Remember, the aura has an important job, it transmits information into your system, so the chakras do also need to be cleaned and aligned in an effective way.



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