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Excerpt from Lesson VI, Chakras from Norma Cowie's Home Study Program - Life Connections

Chakras are the points where your ethereal body is attached to your physical body. It represents the feeling level of you and feeds your physical body with etheric energy. The word “chakra” is a Sanskrit word, which means "wheel of energy" or “vortex of power”. It is applicable to the centers, because they closely resemble a wheel in motion. Pouring from the center of the wheel, or “hub” are streams rays of energy and power which, seen clairvoyantly, appear to resemble the appearance of petals some of the chakras possessing few, some countless numbers.

Traditionally there are seven chakras. The are root/base, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown. Most books you have or will read deal with these seven chakras. They are given colours, which form the rainbow and it appears that the basic knowledge has been past down from one author to another. What I discovered when I was looking at the energy lines of my chakra system is that there is an emerging chakra system. Over the years this emerging system has also been found by others. The Mid Chest chakra, the Sol Star and now the Sternum chakra are becoming more known.

As the new millennium progresses and the vibration of the planet changes, other chakras that make up the system will also be recognized by more people. You though will have your emerging chakra system in place, working effectively for you. Therefore, you will clear, balance and bring into harmony fourteen chakras. They are Earth Star, Base/Root, Pubic Bone, Naval, Waist Line, Solar Plexus, Sternum, Heart, Mid Chest/Thymus, Throat, Upper Lip, Brow, Crown and Sol Star.

Often chakras have forgotten their jobs, not realizing they are a part of a whole system, i.e. naval chakra may feel it still is in 1893 and does not realize there is a chakra above and below it. Another chakra may be filled with your mother or father's energy and has totally forgotten what it is supposed to do. The Chakra’s function is to bring in the energy from its “connection” energy and move it through your body and out through the back to where it will connect once more into the “connection” energy. There are chakra points in both the front and back of your body. Both are around ½" to 1" out from your body. Both of the centres need to be bringing energy in and out. Then they also bring the energy up from the chakra below, integrating it with its own and send it on upward to the chakra above. Then the energy being sent down is integrated and send on down to the chakra below. Therefore each chakra has and in and out and up and down movement taking place. This energy which is moving throughout the body is “feeding” the cells with etheric energy.

Early Sandscript writers wrote about “prana” energy. It is usually accepted that Prana comes in through the Navel Chakra. I believe that prana energy is brought into the body by every chakra, not just the Navel. When the chakras are connected to their corresponding energy you are “connected” and “lit up”. The energy feeds the body and you are healthier on all levels. Do not ever underestimate the value of your chakras. I will check the chakras using the pendulem system, explained a little later, with each client who comes to see me for transformation work. Often this is how I discover the blocks (frozen children) which need to be transformed, as they are held in the aura.

Your aura, which is attached from the Sol Star to the Earth Star brings information into the chakra points. The chakra points, whose job it is to forward energy in many different directions at the same time, sends energy to feed your physical body and also sends information up to the “command centre” so you can be aware. Therefore, it will be impossible for you to work effectively in a knowing place. If just one chakra is out of alignment then the whole system does not work well.

Aura’s can extend a long way. People who have had abuse and/or strong control issues will usually have very large auras. You can often discover this by asking them “if they like crowds”. Most people who have large auras do not like crowds. That is because everyone is in them and the amount of information coming into the system is overwhelming and cannot be processed easily. An example of this was a previous student who went shopping at the end of the day - say 10pm when there was hardly anyone around in the store. This was the only way she could comfortably be out and about in the world. This was difficult because she had four children.  First of all we determined how far her aura extended and there are three ways you can do this ....

  1. have the person stand facing a wall with their eyes closed in a large room or hallway. Then slowly have another person walk towards them. When the person facing the wall “feels” them they say Stop. The person walking stops. Often the person facing the wall when they turn around and sees how far away the person walking actually is they are surprised. Then I have them imagine a 360o circle around them – auras work in 360o and I say – this is why you do not like crowds because everyone within this radius would be in your auric space.

  2. another way is to have two wire coat hangers. Have the person stand by the wall (they can look as it won’t make any difference) and then the person walking towards them holds the coat hangers out on front of them. They hold the longer straight piece, while the hook is extended out in front of them. (Key here is not to hold them too tight, because they need to be able to move inwards, but again not too loose that they are not projected out in the front.) When you contact the aura the two coat hangers will turn into each other. Again it is often surprising what occurs.

  3. if you do not have anyone to work with you in determining the extension of your aura, then you can sit, close your eyes and “feel” outward. Extend your awareness, can you feel the otherside of the room, can you feel beyond the room, etc. Find the level upon which you feel. Or if you cannot feel, think of a colour extending from the centre of you, how far does it extend. Six inches or six feet.

When you have an idea of how the aura works. Then you can work at bringing it in. The preferred placement of an aura is 18 inches from the body.  Sit quietly and breathe. Imagine a vacuum cleaner down below your feet. It is drawing in your aura. It is interesting to do this exercise, whether your aura is extended too far or not:

Just feel yourself naturally, notice how you feel, then begin using your breath to bring your aura in, with each breath allow your aura to become closer and closer to you. You will do this by having the vacuum cleaner underneath your feet suck in the energy of the aura. Bring it right in to your skin. Notice how it feels. Then breath it out until it is 18 inches from your skin and notice how that feels. Then allow it to go where it is naturally. Notice how that feels.

Practice bringing your aura in to the 18 inches from your body as often as you can. Especially when you go into crowded places, bring it in ....
Often when you do this kind of exercise, you will discover that your aura has “lint”, “dirt” “energy” contained within it. This is where you get to “clean” your aura off. Just make your fingers like a rake and rake the lint/dirt/energy off ... the shower is also a good place to ensure that your aura is cleaned. Just imagine the shower as being a cleaner, cleaning the lint/dirt/energy off.

Just a note, if ever you are in a crowd and want to move through it easily, bring your aura forward to a point around 18 inches to 3 ft in front of you and then walk. You will find people naturally move out of your way. This is where you can see by setting your intention and knowing the direction you want to move in, the world around you responds. You are in command of you.

I have listed the Chakras: the stars represent the new emerging chakras.

  • * Earth Star: A chakra which is approximately 6" to 12" below your feet. You can feel it below each foot, it is the connection to the Earth and the chakras below it as the energy moves into the centre of earth.

  • Base/Root Chakra: Superimposes the base of the spine. Also the prostatic area of the male. Is the connector with the Earth Star and earth. It is the physical energy centre. Sexual centre for men. Traditional colour is Red.

  • * Pubic Bone: Superimposes the pubic bone. It is the centre which represents joy of connection and works with the sexual energy of both men and women. It aids in the feeling of joyousness of life.

  • Naval Chakra: Superimposes the navel and extends to embed some of its roots in the spleen. Also the uterus in the female. The creative centre, also emotional, psychic plus sexual centre for women. Traditional colour is Orange.

  • * Waist Line Chakra: Superimposes the waist. Ensures connection to the earth’s energy. Also important in abundance and prosperity.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Superimposes the solar plexus area and the great lobe of the liver. An emotional chakra. Where your “gut feelings” are felt. It is also a “power” centre. Traditional colour is Yellow.

  • * Sternum Chakra: Superimposes the sternum. Represents the connection between physical and etheric. Also connects into other chakras leading out from the physical in the front and back.

  • Heart Chakra: Superimposes the physical heart. Represents universal love force. The heart is the midway point between the lower chakras and the higher chakras. This is why traditionally man has been working to “come from the heart” - means to be balanced in your responses. Traditional colour is Green.

  • * Mid Chest Chakra: Superimposes the thymus gland between the shoulder blades. Represents self love.

  • Throat Chakra: Superimposes the thyroid gland in the throat, and extends to embrace the medulla oblongata. Represents your communication and truth. Traditional colour is Blue.

  • * Upper Lip Chakra: Superimposes the upper lip and works with the psychic mouth it is the last of the emerging chakra system to appear. It represents understanding on all levels.

  • Brow Chakra: Superimposes the pituitary gland. Also known as the 3rd Eye. Traditional colour is Indigo. Represents clarity and connections with ....

  • ....Crown Chakra: Superimposes the pineal gland and radiates outward to cover the entire top of the head. It connects with the Sol Star and brings in the Universal love energy. Traditional colour is Purple.

  • * Sol Star Chakra: Resides between 3" - 6" above head. Is the connection between the Crown Chakra and the other chakras above the sol star.

What you will be endeavouring to do is to open each chakra with balance so that all chakras are working together in harmony.

Other Chakras: You have chakra points in all your joints and the centre of your hands and feet. You have seven chakras above your Crown going up into the Universe. You have seven chakras going down from your Root/Base Chakra into the Earth. You have seven going out in front of you (from the Sternum chakra) and seven going out in back of you, in the opposite direction as from the front. All chakras need to be cleared, balanced, and brought into harmony.


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