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Affirmation: Choice

Knowing that the one power in the universe is always there, I know at every moment, as I am connected to this power, that I have choice. I have choice to listen and create my inner desires or not to listen and create.

I have choice to act or not to act. I have choice in being able to be true to myself or not to be true to myself.

Most of all I have choice in knowing that I am loved by the creator. Therefore the least I can do is love myself fully. In loving myself fully, I find I am able to choose for my highest and best. Everything that comes my way adds to me and I choose that which I want to enhance.

I discover it easy to choose wisely and well for myself. I accept and become one with knowing that all I desire, want and am able to achieve is brought to me easily. Through my active choosing of what I want, I receive what I want.

I release and let go of anything, every thought, every feeling, every action and reaction which does not support my highest and best. I choose to be true to myself. I choose to recognize that I am loved. I choose to reflect this lovingness of myself to those around me. Most of all I choose to be aware I have choice at every minute of every day. I release this thought, knowing the truth, I am choice. And So It Is.



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