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Affirmation: Courage

I know that I am filled with the spirit of the Universe. It is in and through me. It is with me in all that I do. I breathe into this spirit within, knowing my connection is strong. In so doing, I am able to be filled with courage and strength to do those activities that I need to do in order to become who I truly am.

I open myself to receive all that is around me, so I can be ME. I am open to moving forward, to creating, to being all that I can be, and I am thankful in knowing that I can do and be this.

I say 'Thank you, Great Spirit, for the extra strength and courage I need to take the actions that I know I need to take.' I say 'thank you' for being alive. And I release this, knowing it is true. I am filled with the Spirit of the Universe, and I have the courage and strength to do whatever is needed. And So It Is.





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