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Affirmation: Free To Be Me!

Knowing there is a power within the universe, I know I am connected with it and I am propelled by this wonderful, loving, supporting energy to become more of who I am.

I am set free from my past as I know I'm forgiven, and therefore fully forgive myself for any and all guilt, regret and other negative emotions. I am free to be all I can be. I am free to walk my path with ease and grace, knowing I am supported by the divine loving energy of the universe.

I give thanks for the knowing that I am connected to this powerful loving energy, I give thanks for the knowing I am supported in all ways by this energy and I give thanks for being set free to be all I can be. To be me. I release this thought, knowing it is true for me. I am free to be me! And So It Is. Amen.





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