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Since 2002 I have been working on perfecting the Soul/Source Connection technique using an adaptation of an ancient Hawaiian Prayer method. The results I have been achieving with this technique has been amazing me. I have spent years working to create a technique which eradicated once and for all personal programs which were blocking creating what we wanted. Now it seems I have discovered a way to do that.

Last month I wrote about the journey of discovering the Soul/Source Connection Technique and now I want to share some of the results I have had utilizing this wonderful technique. As mentioned before when I first was brought the original technique it dealt with four levels. Today I work with seventeen different categories and many of them have sub-categories. In this time of fast foods and a desiring of instant gratification I have had some people ask how come I am so specific and why do I not make it more compact and therefore a shorter process. The process of clearing blocks around a desired result usually takes from one to two hours. For me this is not a long time to clear a personal program which has been restricting your life.

I realize there are other clearing techniques. For many years I worked with frozen children transformation and past-life regressions and other transformation or releasing techniques. What I found was that people did not always create what they wanted. Today, I have found by utilizing this prayer technique my results are much more profound. My percentage of achieving the end result is much higher. It also offers me the opportunity to utilize everything I know, not just one aspect or another. It is by understanding how the different levels, systems and energies work which has made the difference.

One client could not drive through a local tunnel. She came in and said "I cannot believe one session is going to make a difference, especially since I have had this fear for years". She needed to drive through the tunnel. She writes "two days after my session with Norma, my girlfriend and I got up at 7.30am on Saturday, for my maiden drive through the tunnel - it was blissful. The following weekend, I drove my daughter ... once again tears falling down my cheeks as I celebrated my new freedom".

One of the major facts I remember from this client is as I was clearing one of the levels I remember stating, "Oh my God, both of your hands have been cut off - the pain". When I had completed clearing all the energy around this event, she shared with me that one of her fears around driving her car was that she would lose control of her hands and would not be able to control the steering wheel. She writes: "I immediately felt that my whole arms, wrists, hands and fingers became alive with the most delightful warmth and tingling." Since this one session she has not had that feeling of disconnection with her hands. She also reports that she has had other benefits from this session; her fear of heights and closed places has diminished to the point that she can live her life freely, free from the fears which restricted her.

One of my early sessions was for a woman who lived out of town who was having a lot of court issues and was feeling disrespected, not heard, and nothing was working. Her blocks were held in many areas, her emotional and mental levels, most of her charkas, her masculine and feminine selves plus her high, earth and shadow selves. She also had what I call program reinstillers which is what we create to make sure the programs we create through our decisions are not changed. Upon clearing the different levels, systems and energies, she reported that the next time she went to court everything went differently. The judge listened and for the first time it looked like it was going her way. Upon checking back with her several months later, she booked another session dealing with relationships and she found that after the clearing her relationships, plus the court issues, her life had done a 180 degree turn. She felt back in control of her life.

This next client represents another factor I discover a lot. After doing a soul drawing and reading for a client and seeing how she had blocks on her soul she came for a Soul/Source Connection session to clear those blocks. During the session when I came to the block contained in the High Self there was a lot of judgment about people. No sooner than I had cleared and transformed the energy of the High Self than my client said with great feeling, "I have spent so long working on the lower self in order to clear those judgments, I had no idea it was held in the High Self." We discussed this, and I pointed out to her that I have found many High Selves which not only hold judgments but are often disconnected from the source. They have forgotten, like many aspects of ourselves, what their original job was. Although in this particular session the High Self was only one of many different blocks in my client, who was wanting acknowledgement and appreciation for her talents. It was also a huge awakening for her about not believing what is a generally accepted belief, that the High Self is paramount and has it all together. Any part or aspect of ourselves can hold judgment and disconnection. This is why this process is so effective, it advises what exactly is not in alignment with what is wanted.

Because I work to clear blocks around achieving what you want, you need to know what you want. At the beginning of every session I discuss what it is my client wants. Most clients come knowing what they don't want and we spend time getting clear on exactly what it is they want in their lives. What I have discovered is self-acceptance, forgiveness, claiming self and knowing their connection with the source is often the bottom line. One client came because she was not achieving what she wanted and did not feel happy. After spending some time discussing what was going on for her, we decided on clearing the blocks so she could feel worthy in all situations. She had many blocks, almost in every category checked. Her chakra system in particular was really blocked. After the clearing when I checked back with her two months later she said she was doing great. Upon seeing her three months later she reported that she just felt happy all the time. It did not seem to matter what was going on, she was happy inside. That was music to my ears. She had achieved what she wanted to feel happy and worthy.

I have also done sessions for student's husbands, whom I have not met. One husband was reported to be depressed, sullen, withdrawn and not being interactive with his wife or children. Within three days of the session (he did not attend, but had given his permission for the work to be done) his daughters reported to their Mum, "Dad is different, he's talking with us and somehow he's changed, we like it". At this time when the girls noticed the difference he had not yet listened to the tape I made of the prayers releasing the blocked energy.

Another student had a husband who had a terrible temper and was not spending time with his family. I did the work after I was sure I had his permission and my student reported the change in him was "miraculous." Even the other day when I was speaking with her she remarked on how changed he was, how their marriage was working (it was not before) and how happy the family was. I remember when I did his session that there was great rage carried in several levels and different aspects including his charkas. Also he had a great sense of being over responsible. When it was all transformed he was free to become is natural, wonderful, fun-loving self.

Because of the wonderful results, this same student also requested I do a releasing session for her six-year-old daughter who suffered from nightmares and did not want to sleep by herself. I was amazed at what I discovered for her. Lots of blocks but the one main one which explained the fear of being by herself was a block in the brow chakra. The scene that I saw was her standing as an eight-year-old with bombs exploding all around, and everyone was killed but her. She was absolutely frozen in place with the bombs falling all around. I could feel the sound waves hurting my ears. (She had headaches.) I found myself having to really work to not be frozen with her. I found it hard to form the words to begin to release the energy. Slowly and surely I worked until it cleared. She was so frozen in this picture that she did not realize people had come for her. Her fear of being all alone and not knowing what to do was huge. Interestingly her grandfather, great uncle and aunt had been killed in a car accident several months earlier, and this had brought forth even more all these blocks within her.

Her mother had reported that she was unusually angry at times. I also found her male self not only filled with anger, but also filled with hatred for people. This of course was all released. I have just heard that within two days her behaviour had changed, she was not so demanding and seemed quite happy to be sleeping by herself. Her Mother was happy with the results.

I could not complete this without putting in some of the effects I have experienced by utilizing this technique for myself. Two aspects truly stand out. I have had a lot of issues come into my life the last few years, and I had found myself to be not as trusting of life's processes as I thought I needed to be. I decided to check what blocks I had regarding faith and trust in life. I could not believe how many blocks I had. For all the spiritual and emotional work I had done, I still had blocks in most categories. I released them all and within a week people were saying to me. "What have you done, you seem changed?" What I had done was release mega blocks. I felt different, I have since lived trusting that what I want and need will be there. The worries and anxieties I had been experiencing are gone. Also since then my life has begun to flow easier and I've begun having more fun again.

The second most noticeable thing is something which is only a few months old, but is very tangible. I have bitten my nails (especially when driving) since I was young. Nothing I have done over the years, and I had done quite a bit of work around this, had worked. I still bit my nails, which is very embarrassing for a metaphysical consultant, teacher and speaker. One day a few months ago I decided it was time to clear this. I found I only had five blocks, but one of them was held in the matriarchal self, an aspect where I would never have thought to look. The result has been that there is no way I want to put my fingers in my mouth, in fact if it does happen because of habit I take them out immediately. I now have finger nails. It may seem small, but if you knew how much I have spent on different therapies over the years to stop this habit, you would know that this is indeed miraculous.

In the past week before writing this, I have worked with myself and two others on the weight loss issue. Three of us who are overweight have gone through the core belief releasing process. Each of us had different issues to clear. Each of us have reported a different inner feeling. Each of us knows that now the blocks have been cleared (and we all had blocks in almost all aspects) we now need to deal with our habits. I have heard back from the other two and they say they feel different and one says she feels like she has lost weight without even trying. Even when blocks are cleared I have found that you need to be aware of your habits. I have also found that when the blocks are cleared it is easy to change your habits, as there is nothing pulling you back into what you are fighting to change. There is no fight, there is only ease in the change.

As I think back over the many different clients I have had and the results they had due to the Soul/Source Connection technique, I have a feeling of satisfaction. I have worked with all ages in person or away. I have worked with self-acceptance, self-love, claiming self, money, success, anger, frustration, procrastination, relationships and now weight, plus many other results people wanted. When all blocks are cleared there is nothing to stop you from achieving what you want. All is available to you! All you need is to want it! Yes, for me and my clients the Soul/Source Connection Technique has been a blessing.


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