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Affirmation: Love

I know that there is One ultimate power and One loving force in the universe, and I am connected to this loving force in many ways. I know that as I am at One with this force of Love, this Love radiates through me and to all I encounter.

I am at One with Love. I am a breathing organism full of Love. I am connected to all things, and I know through my lovingness that I am more than I ever dreamed. I am able to understand, know and feel far beyond that which I have understood, known and felt before. I am growing with every breath into an understanding of this loving energy, which is within me. Therefore, this loving energy is secured within me.

I see with clarity never experienced before. I see with awareness never experienced before. I understand more than I ever have before. I am able to speak my truth easily and with conviction, for I feel this Love for myself. I bring it in, and it strengthens me to be who I truly Am.

I am me, and I am thankful to be me and to have this wondrous Love energy reflected into my life and all around me. Thank you, Great Spirit, for this opportunity of being Love, understanding Love and knowing Love. I release this thought, knowing it is true for me: I am at One with All there Is, and Love is in and through me now. And So It Is.




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