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Exploring Past Lives is a fun way to transform beliefs and attitudes that have been experienced in other times and places. Many people who have not believed that past lives were possible have become 'converts' when they ended up experiencing other times and places. The power of this method of self-exploration is that you can see what occurred to create the decisions you made which affect your life today.

What is often not recognized is that whenever you encounter an emotion, you reach back in your memory banks to when you last experienced this emotion, and you will remake the same decision you made then. Therefore, early life decisions are all past-life based. By returning to the past life or lives and transforming the energy in that life and this life you can change how you respond to the present.

Exploring past lives is a wonderful way to understand history from a whole different perspective. When I first began my past-life journey, I stopped doing anything about it because I did not believe what I had seen and therefore, I thought it all had to be “hokey”. I had seen myself as a young boy in Africa, who lived on the edge of the forest and desert. This was a strange society wherein from the age of three you had to fend for yourself. I could not believe such a society would exist.

Then six months after the regression, I was watching a National Geographic show on this very strange village which had evolved in Africa, wherein at the age of three each child had to begin foraging for themselves. The program answered a question, which I could not understand at that time, which was, "Why did they not go into the forest for food?" Well, the TV show said that the pygmies lived there, and they killed them when they encountered them in the forest. Today, I would know how to discover that information, but this was one of my very first past-life memories, and I was not as skilled in moving around in time and space as I am today.

After the TV show, I began once more taking myself on journeys and exploring the world, realizing that there are many aspects of life which I have not heard of or experienced. Since then, I have found often that I have discovered a bit of information and then had it confirmed later on, either through a TV show or a book I was reading. Discover for yourself the times and places you have lived before.


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