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Past Life Regression

People often ask why Past Lives are so important. They are important because whenever we experience an emotion, we reach back in our memory banks and remake the same decision we had when we had that feeling. Therefore, all our early decisions (therefore belief systems) were created by our past life experiences. It is by going back and releasing the previous lives that we are able to then also release them in this life.

Every year I do many Group Past Life Regression sessions for people, and they discover who they were in these lives. Also, more importantly, they are able to let go of the Guilt, Regret or Strong Emotion which is not only in that life, but in their present one. When they clear this life of those decisions made in another time and space, they are then free to begin to create easily. Book me to come and do a group regression for your group. Size is not important, the more the merrier. The knowledge which can be accessed is amazing. 3 hour, 1 day or a weekend of journeying back in time is always an enjoyable time.

Once a year, I also facilitate a ‘Learning to be a Past Life Regressionist Course’ where you can learn to take others back to see themselves and transform their blocks for them.

A personal Past Life Regression - 90 minutes $250.00
(if less time is taken, it will be pro-rated)

Sometimes, a person has more than one life relating to an issue, which is why today, I do Transformation Clearings, where I clear from all the lives plus many other systems, including the Soul, to release the stored blocks. Plus I can do these by phone and skype, whereas a Past Life Regression I only do in person.

I have written Many Lives and Many Ways of Remembering Them wherein I write of many of my past life memories and how I discovered them, plus my technique of going back to another life.

Visit my store for a CD which leads your through a past life regression and a DVD which has a lecture and leads your through a past life regression.

Gift certificates are available.

Learning Tools

The following learning aids are available for your purchase. Take a look at what is available on this subject here, or go to our store and see the complete range of products.

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Many Lives, Many Ways of Remembering Them
Read about how Past Lives helped Norma in understanding her past lives and create the philosophy she has about the importance of past lives. Also utilize Norma’s unique technique of going back into past lives.

Past Life Regression CD
Just like a meditation CD, you sit back and allow yourself, using Norma’s unique technique to go and visit another life and clear patterns, beliefs and attitudes from that life and now.
Past Life Regression DVD
45 min. $24.95
Filmed during a workshop in 1988, you experience the lecture on the philosophy and importance of past lives plus you go back to visit a past life.

Past Life Regression Duo - Book & CD
Special price: $24.95


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