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Pickle Jar Metaphor
Excerpt from Norma Cowie’s Connecting to the Light book.

When I am speaking about the Transformation process I will often tell my "pickle jar" metaphor. I feel by understanding this metaphor you can understand what this process does. The metaphor goes like this:

"You go to the store to buy a jar of pickles. This pickle jar has a wide mouth, wide enough so you can get your hand in. When you get the jar home you put it on the counter and if you are like me you take a knife handle to the top of it. Bang, bang and now it is loose and you can open the top. (This is when life hits at you until you finally begin to look inside).

When you look inside what you see staring up at you are several pickles jammed in tight. (These are your personal programs right there looking at you). Now you reach in and you pick one out. The first one always seems to take a little longer because all the others are jammed up against it. (Just like the first time you do the transformation process, you are unfamiliar with it, so it takes a little longer).

Once you have the first pickle out, the others are all there waiting to be taken out and they come out quite easily. (This represents the major programs which run your life. They are easily identified and once the first one is transformed, the others will transform easily.)

This is a magical pickle jar and whenever a pickle is removed, pickle juice fills up the space. The juice represents your self-love.

It is during this first stage of transforming all the top pickles that you may feel overwhelmed. Is this never going to end? Is this always going to go on, one program after another? I can tell you YES it does end. After the first rush of transforming programs you get space. You then begin groping and waiting for programs/pickles to show themselves. You have space, and room to move in. Your self love is growing.

Finally, all the pickles in the jar are gone. You give a sigh of relief. Then you look down at the bottom of the jar and you see all the "stuff" (dill weed) at the bottom. Oh no, more stuff. (This represents the cellular level, the programming you brought in from conception from your parents and your soul.) Now you have a different level to work on.

Then when that is all cleared and you give another sigh of relief, you pick up your jar of juice and look at it in the light and you notice you have small flecks of bits and pieces of pickles floating in the juice. (This represents the tiny bits and pieces which are left from unresolved past lives, or just small pieces of present programs which were not transformed).

So you begin fishing for those. Finally, you are complete. You become a clear jar of pickle juice - Self Love.


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