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An edited excerpt from Norma's book Creating Long Lasting Wealth

Purpose is the reason we are here on earth. We all have a purpose. An aspect of Purpose is to have FUN. If it is not FUN to you, then you may need to ask yourself how come you are doing it. Often you will place yourself in pain and hurt believing this is all there is. This is not so. God's world is a joyful loving place; a place where you need to be aware; a place where you have fun and rejoice in being alive.

When you live in your Purpose you will find your life works. You feel happy. Life flows. Everything you read about happening to others begins to happen to you. The joyfulness of life will fill you. You awake each day joyful and full of anticipation of what miracles will the day will bring.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. If you are in balance and harmony with the inner you then the flow of life comes to you easily. Because of the pressure of society to be a certain way, or do things a particular way, you will forget you and not be in harmony. When you are on Purpose you will know, life has a different feel to it.

You will come to recognize your Purpose because you absolutely LOVE doing one thing.

I love doing ______________________ most of all.

There is an exercise you can do to discover what your Purpose is right now:

  1. List three qualities you like about your personality:

  2. List three activities you like doing:

  3. Write a short paragraph on how you would like to see your world:

Complete the following: By being 1) as I do 2), I will create 3).

Take time to contemplate this exercise. This exercise has helped many people discover where they need to focus their lives. When you live in alignment with your Purpose, life becomes full of joy, peace and well-being. The abundance in all areas of your life comes into alignment and you become happy.


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