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Psychic Tarot Card Readings

I've been reading Tarot Cards since 1964. They are an extension of myself, talking to me and opening doorways to patterns and cycles of my clients. People come for a Psychic Tarot Reading for various reasons. Often it is because they want more information about an area of their lives, or they have a decision to make. Sometimes they just want a ‘check in’ to see where they are at in relation to their pathway of life.

The first reading is one hour long. I look at your life path and cycles and then see the future pattern you are on. I look at different aspects of your life, i.e. work, finances relationships and health, plus what your personal learning pattern is and how you are relating to your life. Then any questions you have are answered in the remaining time. I also do an impression drawing of your soul and discuss that.

As I use your name and birthdate to tune into you, so you do not need to be in my presence. I therefore do readings not only in person, but also via phone or skype. If you have a few questions, then also by email.

I work by appointment, and I record every reading, (except just questions and emails). In person you receive a CD, otherwise I use YouSendIt.com and they forward you a link so you can download your reading in a short time after completion.

Individual Psychic Tarot Card Readings rates:
30 minutes $95 (they usuallly go 40 minutes)
60 minutes $185

Gift certificates are available.
Payment methods: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, e-Transfer, or cash (in person).

Life Readings

Life Readings provide an opportunity to discover the learning patterns of your life. They can identify at what age you had the learning vibration come in and how you responded to it. Using only the 22 Higher Arcana symbols you hear how the laws and lessons of life relate to you.
Up to 70 minutes $195.00. Recorded.

Group Psychic Tarot Parties

Get together with six - eight people anreadings.htmld experience together your cycles, crystal ball readings and tarot card readings. Approximately 12 - 15 minutes each. $45.00 per person, each person receives a recording of their ‘reading’. As a group get together this can be a lot of fun.

To book your appointment or request more information: phone 250-490-0654, email norma.cowie@gmail.com, or skype: norma.cowie.

To learn more about learning to read Tarot Cards visit workshops.

Includes phone call, recording, and mailing costs unless noted otherwise.
Sessions are in person, on phone, or via email.

Learning Tools

For information on how you can learn to read the Tarot Deck I offer books, videos and tapes as well as a full 8-Week Tarot Correspondence Course.

The following learning aids are available for your purchase. Take a look at what is available on this subject here, or go to our store and see the complete range of products.

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Pathways of the Tarot
The latest of Norma’s Tarot books, it contains a lot of the information in the first two, plus is set out via the number of the symbols and talks about the ‘energy’ of the symbols.
Tarot for Successful Living
The first book Norma wrote. A basic how to read Tarot for yourself and others.   Over 20,000 copies sold.
Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot
This is the second Tarot book Norma wrote and explores the patterns within the symbology. You learn step by step how the journey, the hidden philosophy contained within the Tarot, relates to your life. Reading methods and explanations. Norma’s unique way of looking at the Court Cards is explored.
Learning How to Read Tarot Cards
2 DVDs, 3 hr. 45 min, $ 50.00
The DVD was filmed in a workshop in 1988. Although filmed many years ago, the information contained within the workshop is still pertinent today. Meanings of the symbology, plus reading methods are explored.
Tarot Duo
Pathways of the Tarot plus DVD
$ 54.95
Norma’s complete Tarot Study Program takes you through learning how to read for yourself and others, using the DVD and books plus other the information which is sent. Plus, you have access to Norma with your questions.

Norma's Complete Tarot Study Program includes three books: Tarot for Successful living, Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot, and Pathways of the Tarot, plus a set of 2 DVDs (nearly 4 hours of viewing) as well as a complimentary CD, plus one hour personal consultation with Norma.
Now only $295.00! (reg. $395.00 - SAVE $100)


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