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The Unfolding of Soul Drawing

It's the beginning of 1999 and I'm burned out from a divorce. I was at my wits end as to what to do next. I spend time in meditation and contemplation and realize I need to return to the country of my birth, New Zealand, for a period of no less than three months. Thanks to the love and support of my brother and his wife it was arranged that I could go and make a base with them.

Then came the question of "what am I going to do there"? Although I had some financial support, it was not enough to support me for three months. I knew I needed to have a car and pay my way. At that time the thought of reading Tarot Cards, which is what I had done for over 30 years was not appealing. I was burned out, tired and at that time did not want to look at another Tarot Card.

The question was burning away at me. As I'm also a bookkeeper, I thought, "Oh well, I can sign up with a temp. agency and do office work". End of story I thought, but there was something else which was even more exciting getting ready to unfold. During one of my meditation sessions I was told, "you are going to draw souls". "Draw Souls" replies me. "How am I going to do that"? "Remember when you drew auras, well you are going to do the same only it will be their soul" came the reply.

I was horrified at the thought. Years earlier I had drawn auras, and I taught people how to draw auras, but souls?! Knowing that when I listened, my Inner Voice was accurate, I began making plans. I found there was going to be a Body, Soul & Spirit Expo in Auckland in early February, and another in Palmerston North in March. I signed up for it and a New Zealander numerologist friend Ann, decided to join me in the endeavour. I was ready. Or was I? I was still not sure how this drawing souls was going to work.

I went and bought myself a thick, 3"x3" colored paper pad, and some pastels and practiced on a few friends. Then armed with my supplies and my Tarot Cards in their travel pouch, I left for my journey to New Zealand. At first, very nervously, as the clients came I sat and drew their souls. I had them pick what color they wanted it on. Then small impressions of their souls emerged. I would get a sense of the colors to use and allow my hand to draw whatever it wanted. Then I would interpret what my hand had put on the paper. To answer the client's questions I used my Tarot Cards. It worked.

I worked the two Body, Soul & Spirit Expos and from there was asked to come and read at a health food store in Hastings. I also signed up to work other psychic shows. Soon the three months had been completed. During this time of travel several things had happened. My drawings became easier to do, reading the Tarot was beginning to be fun and enjoyable once more, and most importantly, my sad soul was healed. I was healed from the beauty of the countryside, the spirit of the people and the love of my family.

When I left to return to Canada I had traveled over 8,000 kms. in my small red Mazda. I had felt the love and support of my beloved brother and his family and a sister and her husband who welcomed me back time after time as I drove up and down the north island of New Zealand. I made new friends, some of whom I'm still in contact with today. Through the work, the support and love, I healed.

Back home, I began my practice as a Psychic Soul Drawing/Tarot Card Reader in earnest, now once again happy to read for people. I incorporated the Soul Drawings into my readings. Now though, I made them a bit larger than the 3"x3". I had an 8"x11" sheet, in which I put the person's name and birthdate on the top and still had the bottom half in which to draw my impression.

Then came the fall of 2003 and the desire to draw bigger soul drawings. I went out and bought a sketchpad. My desire to do bigger, more flowing drawings was huge. In a few years I had gone from small 3"x3" to 9"x12". I went to a Wise Woman Weekend at Naramata, B.C. I took my pad and pastels. I wanted to check out how it would work to do the impressions in a bigger format. People loved them. I sat outside the main house looking towards the lake and worked with different people who wanted to see what their soul's looked like.

It was magic. I came back from that weekend, knowing I could do a larger soul drawing. Not only were the pictures bigger and therefore clearer, I was beginning to see different patterns. The colors had begun to speak to me differently.

The first, outline color, is a big clue to the energy the soul comes into this life with. Orange - creative, blue - intuitive, green - healer, purple - from another planet. The energies emerged. Then the story of the soul took hold depending whether they came in the pattern of a leaf, a spiral or still remained round and complete like a soul is supposed to be.

From the soul drawing I knew at what age my client had blocked and if they had moved through it, or not. I knew what they drew from internally to move forward in their life. I could see if they were utilizing what they came in with. The impressions showed me many aspects of the client I was working with.

Today, as I write this, in November 2004, I still draw soul impressions and do readings from the drawings whether the client is in front of me or not. All I need is a name and birthdate. It is all there for me to see. I still use my Tarot Cards to answer day-to-day questions. The drawings though, show me about the person and their life journey.

If my inner guidance had not said for me to go and draw souls, this ability to show people what they look like would not have unfolded. The soul drawings helped me to unfold my own artistic abilities. I'm not an artist. When I first began this unfolding journey, I thought I should go and take drawing lessons. Again my inner voice said "No, don't do that, you do not want your mental self taking over, the mistakes you may think you are making will be important." That has proven to be true. A hole here, a line going there will be important in the story. Each drawing is individual and has its own beauty.

Often when I show my client what I have drawn, they will say, "it is beautiful". And I reply, "so it should be, it's you". Many times people have said "I'm going to take this and frame it, so I will remember who I am". The soul drawing gives a person the opportunity to visually see what energy they came in with and what they have done with it and sometimes what to do to get back into alignment with their souls.

Soul Drawing has definitely had its own journey; it has unfolded as I unfolded. It is a privilege for me to be able to draw an impression of the inner essence of others.

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