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The Source
An excerpt from her book Connecting to the Light

The word GOD1 has many connotations, with each individual having their own perception of what GOD is to them. The more I have worked in releasing my own inner ghosts the more connection I have made with my source my GOD. I have always found my source to be totally loving and accepting of me. Forgiving automatically all transgressions imaginary or real. None of the judgement I was taught in Sunday School is ever there.

I found I was my judge. I was the one who had separated myself from my source through my guilt and fear. As I realized I was the one doing the separating, I was the one stopping the flow of love through me and I could easily connect with the source light I began releasing my guilt and fears into this loving light. As I released I replaced the space with the loving light, I became one with my source.

As my Inner Ghosts gave up their pain, hurt, grief, guilt and fear into the light and embraced the light, I was transformed. People began to say to me "You have changed?" "What have you been doing?".

As I embraced the light, I then wanted to share this simple secret that the source energy is close and can transform the frozen emotional children, I began to work with others transforming their programming, releasing their inner emotional children into free flowing children of love. Also, I found by growing the transformed "light" child up and integrating it in the NOW, the light energy of love was accessible to the adult and the adult is able to experience the loving light and be transformed.

You can connect to your source and feel that loving light, without working through a child. You can do it any time and any place. All you need to do is close your eyes and look around you in your mind's eye for a light. It can be close or far away, and it can be of any colour. It can be inside you or outside of you. When you find it, with your breath you breathe it in closer until it is all around you. You will begin to FEEL it. What you may feel is a warmth which contains love, peace, acceptance. If these feelings are not there, then you look around for another light and you bring that in and let it integrate, blend with the previous light you found. The odd person will need to bring in and integrate several lights before the feeling of love, peace and acceptance is present.

When the feeling of love, peace and acceptance is present fill yourself totally up with it. This feeling you deserve to have, it is yours, in fact it is YOU. Allow it to go all through you. You may discover where you have blocks in your body, blocks which will not accept this light. This will be where you are holding onto emotions, pain, hurt, guilt or fear.

By taking your mind into the blocks you can discover what they are about before you let them go into the light. You can release your blocks into the light. Slowly bring the light inside and release the  blocked energy into the light. As the light takes the blocked energy into itself, it will transform the energy into loving energy and slowly the block is let go and the new loving energy has replaced it. Just like a flash light absorbs the dark. As each block is released you become more of your source light, more connected, more of who you truly are.

Once, perhaps eons of time ago, you were at one with your source of being and you separated from that source. You felt an emotion which you for some reason judged. Because you judged it you repressed it, which lead to a block within your being. This first block was followed by another and another and you eventually become so separated and caught up in hiding the blocks, you forgot the source was there, it was just a dream.

Now is the time to release those blocks and reunite with your source. You can let go of the inner ghosts and become one with yourself, your source, your GOD and be your happy beautiful loving self.

The source is a constant it is always there waiting to be recognized and reunited. No wonder for centuries man has believed GOD to be "out there" somewhere, something separate and apart from him, something he has had to strive for. Yet, when you allow the light to come inside you discover you are not separate and it is not "out there" at all, it is within. It's IN YOU and goes through all levels of you. As you begin to realize this force is in everything around you, you will begin to honour and respect not only yourself but all others and even the objects around you. Your attitude to life begins to change.

I have discovered guilt is man's biggest emotional enemy. Fear you can walk through, anger you can release but guilt is a stagnate almost clinging energy. The only way I have found to release guilt, especially guilt which is carried on the soul and therefore has been around for a long time is to let the "light" have it.  I have found "light" is the greatest transformer of blocked emotional energy there is.

As you release your blocks and transform your energy to become as one with your source your life goes through subtle and substantial changes. Where the old blocked energy would create problems and hassles for you the new energy lets you go through life with ease and joy. Miracles begin to occur.

1GOD is a word used to represent the unseen SPIRIT that is in and through everything. IT has many names and in this context I am using GOD rather than GOD/GODDESS, ALL THAT IS!

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