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Transformation Clearing

This transformation clearing work has gone through many stages of development. First I was lead to use the Soul/Source Connection incorporating Ancient Prayer Method and Getting Results. Then I took the Yuen method, which sped up my work of transformation.

Today, people phone me from all over the world to utilize my method of transformation clearing (a combination of Yuen and Me) so they can create what they want and desire for their lives. Sometimes it is just not being depressed anymore. Other times, they want to be more spiritually connected. No matter what it is, this technique has phenomenal clearing abilities. Some call it ‘healing’ but to me it is a technique of reconnecting to what was originally there, so you remember who you truly are.

Basic Transformation Clearing - 90 minutes $250.00
(if less time is taken, it will be pro-rated)

Recorded: via in person, phone, or skype.

You advise me of what you want ‘cleared’ and then I work to ‘clear and transform’ the energy which is blocking you from having what you desire and want and in your life. Although one session will clear what you want. I have discovered for best results it is preferable to do a series of ‘clearings’ in order to create a strong foundation to work on.

Soul Origins

This work came out of the Transformation clearings, wherein I noticed many times the soul would come up holding onto energy which needed releasing. As I began to go back in time and space to discover what had happened to these souls, I realized I was able to go back further. Thus Soul Origins as a reading/clearing began.

I have found it preferable to have had a clearing session for the Soul to be Whole and Complete before going back, and will do that before going back if the client has not already had the step of the soul being whole and complete done before.

Soul Origins - $185.00

Gift certificates are available.
To book your appointment phone 250-490-0654 or email.

Learning Tools

The following learning aids are available for your purchase. Take a look at what is available on this subject here, or go to our store and see the complete range of products.

Creating Long Lasting Wealth:
Explore the Spiritual Principles of Wealth, plus Norma’s unique way of looking at where you are blocked creating wealth and understand how to make your money work for you.   Nice visualizations to do.

Secrets of Living Happily
This is a basic book of creating what you want in your life. It has helped many begin to understand how they create their reality and how to make it work for them so their lives reflect how they want it to be.
Connecting with the Light
This book gives you the understanding of how you freeze in space and time and how to transform where you are frozen with a color (light) and release the blocks from your memories.  Contained within the book is the Norma’s unique technique of transforming.

Energy Release CD (Best Seller)
After listening to the importance of why we need to release energy, you experience the conscious exercise which enables you to release people’s energy, your feelings and emotions, plus thoughts you no longer desire.

Transformational Affirmations
Norma uses several affirmations in order to release old thought and feeling patterns to create a new self image, to love yourself and be happy.   After listening to how the process of using these transforming affirmations you experience the transformation. 

Connecting With Your Soul
This is contains a lecture of Norma’s process of transforming your memories and connecting to the source (light) energy. This in turns connects you with your soul.


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