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People will often come to me asking about their purpose in life. They may or may not be aware that they are really looking for their "Divine Purpose." I have two ways I help people know their divine purpose. One is found in the numbers of their Birthdate1.

Add all the numbers of your birthday up and reduce it to the lowest number.

eg. December 8, 1995 = 12 + 8 + 1995 = 2015 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8.

My birthday numbers are: Month ______ Day ______ Year ________. By adding them all together and reducing them to the lowest number my birth path number is _____________.

By reducing to the lowest number you will end up with a number between 1 and 9. They read like this:

  1. You are here to learn as much as you can about everything.

  2. You are a communicator. You want to talk, teach, and share.

  3. You are a traveller, a far thinker. You want to explore the more creative answers and solutions.

  4. You are solid, down to earth, very often you are involved in your community, you are a pillar of society.

  5. You are a person who can get scattered. You have a lot of energy and do many things. You need to be able to say no.

  6. You are a person involved in service with family or humanity.

  7. You are a seeker. You want to be alone a lot. You want to understand more about the deeper aspects of life.

  8. You are balancing the spiritual and material worlds. Often you can get caught in one or the other and will need to work towards balance.

  9. You are here to have fun. You create easily and quickly, and therefore will need to be aware of how you think, because it's here right now. Remember it's as easy to create hassle as joy.

Recognize that these statements are very general, but they will give you an idea of what your birth path means.

1See any Numerology Book to learn more about numbers and how they relate to your life. Or email me norma.cowie@gmail.com to ask for my report on Birthpaths.


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