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April/May 2019 Schedule

My six week holiday (with some work) is over, I’m presently staying with a friend in Okanagan Falls until I find a permanent place to live.

I want to welcome the new NZ elist people. With my plan on doing more on Zoom.us it makes it much more easier for people anywhere in the world to tune into the ‘free’ webinars and also the planned workshops to come in the following months.

I had a great time, as always, in NZ visiting with family and friends. When my son Rob arrived to lay the remainder of Bridget’s ashes to rest on the farm where she was happy, the last two weeks were busy. He had not been back for over 30 years and says it was great to see him reconnect and visit places he had been to either as a child or when he was there in his 20's.

Now its time to get back into the regular routine. As I have been away, I do not have a lot of planned events for the next two months, but there are a few:

This Saturday - April 13th 10 - 4 Spiritual Awareness Market, Oliver Community Centre, Oliver.
Free Admission. I will be there available for several different kinds of readings.

Sunday, April 28th, 11 - 4 Metaphysical Market & Psychic Fair at Laura Packinghouse, Ellis Rd Kelowna.
Free Admission. Always lots of readers and other booths to see. I will be there available for several different kinds of readings.

May 16th, Thursday, 7pm. Vernon Questors Meeting - Tarot: the Psychic Development Tool
I have the pleasure of speaking to the group about the wonderful ancient tool - the Tarot, which I have used for many years to teach people how to develop their Psychic Muscle.

Weekly Wednesday night meditation nights
Since I returned several people have asked when my weekly Wednesday night meditations are beginning. Until I find my own place, or until someone comes forward offering their living room, or recreation room as a space, I’m sorry I will not be able to hold groups. BUT the idea of holding a meditation group using Zoom.us, popped into my head. I could easily do that and you can be anywhere to participate. Please let me know if you would be interested in this, I could have one in the morning, and one in the evening (probably different days) so would need to know if you are interested in morning or evening and days preferred. I’m here to create for you! Email: norma.cowie@gmail.com Email, or else I won’t know what you prefer.

What does your soul look like at this point of your life?
Soul Impression Drawing & Reading

If you follow my personal Facebook Page you will notice I had my Palm reading while in Kerikeri, NZ by Nina Knight, and I did a Soul Impression Drawing in exchange. I also did several drawings, when I was in both Taupo and Hastings, NZ. That began the idea, that I can offer Soul Impression Drawing and Reading quite easily using email. Note this one picture of a soul. Each soul is different, The colours they have, the shape, the blockages plus the ages when the blockages occur, always are informative. Email if you would like to see and read what your Soul looks like right now! This months promotion $45.00 (regular $55.00)

Synopsis, subject to change for April/May:

April 13th - Oliver Spiritual Market, Oliver
April 28 - Metaphysical Market and Psychic Fair, Kelowna
May 16th - Vernon, Questers Meeting “Tarot the Psychic Development Tool”
Email if you want more info on the following:
Weekly Meditation via Zoom.us can be arranged, both morning and evening sessions, email which day you prefer and morning, or evening. If you would like to see what your Soul Impression Drawing looks like at this time Cost is $45.00 by etransfer (or PayPal). This months special!

I take a picture of your drawing, and will type out what it is showing and email to you.

Always the following is available:
  • In Person, Phone, Zoom or Skype (wherever you are in the world I am available)

  • Psychic Tarot Card Readings

  • Energy Transformation Sessions

  • Past Life Regressions (now using Zoom.us I can do individuals who live away, because I can see you)

  • Different Groups or Workshops

Also as a Reverend, I am available for weddings, memorials, and other ceremonies.

Phone: 250 490 7546 Email: norma.cowie@gmail.com

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I accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Etransfer, and if in person, cash/cheque.

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Remember if you have a service club, or a group that would like to me come and speak to them, let me know so we can arrange a date.

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