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Winter 2019 Schedule

I’m not sure if many of you are like me and quite happy to see the end of 2018. Although there were some good times, it seems the emotional roller coaster seemed to dominate a lot of it. I know I have not been alone in this.

But, a new year is here, a three year, which in the past I have enjoyed. To me a number three year is about expansion, creativity, travel and enjoyment. I look forward to all of these. Moving, a six week journey to New Zealand and enjoyment with family, friends and others I meet along the way. I sincerely wish for everyone a great 2019.

In preparation for the New Year, I decided to join Zoom, and begin doing webinars so I can impart my views and perceptions. I’m happy to report the first one is on Wednesday January 9th at 11am pacific time (2pm Ontario time - 8am Thursday NZ time) The topic is on AURAS. If you have trouble with crowded rooms, or if you walk into a room and notice you feel different, or many other ‘aura’ related issues, we will be exploring them and then I will give you some ways of correcting so you can go any where at anytime. It is free, as it is my first and I’m on the learning curve. I invite you to attend.

In order to register, I need your email address, as you must be invited to the webinar. So please send me your email address, so I can put you on the list. Then before January 9th I will send you the link so you can join in our ‘conversation/webinar’. (What I liked about Zoom, you do not have to be a member, I forward you the link, you click on it and follow a few/short instructions and you are in the ‘room’ and the webinar can begin). It would be wonderful if you can join me.

Todate the January Calendar is:

Wednesday Jan 9th 11am pacific time, Webinar utilizing Zoom. Topic: Understanding your Aura energy. Must have your email address where I can send your internet link.
I have others planned, so please register to attend by emailing me norma.cowie@gmail.com and I will send the code back to you. It may seem that you know a lot about Aura, but truly, if you have problems in crowds, or sometimes just don't feel like you want to, it is the Aura which is the issue. I'm sure you will enjoy the information I will be sharing. There will be a Q&A as well.
Looking forward to having you help me with my learning process.

Sunday 13th I will be at the Metaphysical Market and Psychic Fair 11 - 4, Laura Packinghouse on Ellis in Kelowna. Tarot, past live and aura drawings will be available. First come first served.

Wednesday, Jan 16th, 11 am pacific time. Second webinar utilizing Zoom. Topic: The Importance of Words to You System. Ever find a word triggers you, or that you repeat a word over and over. Discover how you can change the ‘structure’ of the word so you are not triggered or repeating.

Reminder: all 1 hour Psychic Tarot Card readings during January will contain a month to month for the whole year journey.

Always available 1/2 hour and 1 hour Psychic Tarot Card Readings
1 hr to 11/2Hr Energy Transformation Sessions
11/2 hr Past Life Regressions
Spiritual/Life Coaching

Truly wishing you the very best for 2019.

Services Available

  • Psychic Tarot Card Readings - 30 min and 60 min
  • Energy Transformation - transforming blocks so you can achieve what you want. up to 90min
  • Past Life Regression - going back into a past life resolving issues there and also here in present time. 90 min
  • Soul Origin readings - tracing the soul back to the very beginning of its journey 60min
  • Life Readings - done with the Tarot - looking at when you encounter 'learning' phases of your life. 60 min.
  • Groups for Past Life Regression, Channeling Your Guide or Psychic Group Parties always available.

Also as a Reverend, I am available for weddings, memorials, and other ceremonies.

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